Week 48 Devlog: Dungeon Story 'Done', Time for Mechanics

This week an important achievement was made, we finished the dungeon story of the Blighted Cave. It's not 100% complete but is 'functionally' complete. It will be expanded and improved upon from here as testing starts after a while, but now the focus goes to gameplay and testing.

So, what have we gotten done on gameplay? Already? Plenty.

I did some initial stats reworking in the editor for classes, and then properly began developing the Black Knight class, which you can find more details on here. I lay out my plans for the class, which is a promotion of the Paladin in that article.

I won't go over details of my ideas as I already did so, let's focus on what is already in the game for the Black Knight as of this morning.

Skills implemented and in testing:

  • Vengeance - Equivalent of Punishment. Applies Attack and Magic Attack Debuff, while having a 25% chance of inflicting Malevolence.  Will combo with the Malevolence status to double damage done from this skill when an enemy has Malevolence applied. Costs 10 TP.
  • Impart Malevolence - Casts a curse that causes the Malevolence state with the chance of causing the state at 50%. Costs 50 MP and generates 20 TP, this skill is necessary to build up to your more powerful attacks.
  • Witchblade - This physical attack deals HP Drain damage and has a chance to cause Weak Poison at 65%. Costs 30 TP to use.
  • Blackstar - First powerful spell. Causes blindness and confusion with high damage potential. Targets one enemy and costs 60 TP.

First video test:

Now a  bit about the Malevolence State:

Malevolence causes the enemy to become enraged at its fellow party members, becoming more vulnerable to physical damage and increases their attack power and can attack twice. In addition, a successful hit from an infected enemy causes a 75% chance for them to become Malevolent and in turn spread Malevolence. This ability is extremely useful for large numbers of enemies, and helps mitigate organized troops from being as effective. The most disciplined and strong willed enemies will be resistant or immune to the Malevolence status.

Now let's talk about some ideas currently in the process of implementation:

  • Armor Skin - The Black Knight has special armor that cannot be unequipped, but upgraded after a certain number of levels. The Black Knight will have a skill that checks if they can shed their old armor and manifest a new one.
  • Calcium Blade - Similar concept and implementation as Armor Skin.
  • Regrowth - Self healing ability that causes marginal healing+ regeneration, plus a bonus to defense.
  • Jeer - Provokes enemies to attack the Black Knight, increasing the target rate to extremely high levels. Not guaranteed taunt skill.
  • Fester - Poison causing spell, with a chance to inflict normal Poison.
  • Rot - Poison causing spell, with a chance to inflict Deadly Poison.
  • Abyssal Cryonics - High Damage Ice spell with 90% chance Frostbite.
  • Abyssal Pyroclastics  - High Damage Fire spell with 90% Burning infliction.
  • The North Star - Ultimate Skill. 

You'll be seeings more demonstrations as the class continues development in the next week or so, stay tuned for more updates, because oh boy are they coming.

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