Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale: HoC Patch Notes

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale: V. 1.0.4 is released! The Heart of Corruption is here! Here is everything you need to know in this final major demo update's patch notes:

Patch Notes

  • Engine Migration to RPG Maker MZ
    • More Stability and Better Performance
    • An end to the screen visuals locking up bug
    • Better graphical potential
    • More robust plugins
  • Updated Mechanics
    • Jumping:
      • Tiles can be selected as never being jumpable, without use of Region IDs.
      • A visual motion blur occurs when jumping
      • A slight cooldown exists between jumps
    • Sprinting:
      • Dust effect when sprinting
      • Walking and Running has footstep noises
      • You can hear NPCs and Monsters walking
    • Death Curse:
      • New Death Curse Timer UI
      • Upgraded handling for enemy deaths and battle end
      • UI gives visual indication of Death Curse being active
    • Skill Learning:
      • No longer done through Trainer NPCs
      • Entirely Menu Based
      • You can now use different TP Modes on certain characters, changing their base behavior to suit your playstyle.
    • Markstone:
      • You can no longer unlock teleporting locations, but instead choose a Home and Secondary Location so long as the area allows Markstone usage.
      • You can freely change your Home teleport and your Secondary Teleport at will.
      • Use the M key on map or the item within your Items.

  • Combat
    • Damage Formula Overhaul
    • Weapon Swap option enabled in battle scene
    • Knockout lasts 5 turns, then the character revives with 1hp
    • Action Cutins are now in Action Sequence form
    • Fleeing is now guaranteed success
    • Full Heal on Level Up 
  • Story
    • Old Intro, Hanaru, and Ancient Hills are no longer accessible in this patch.
    • Playarea is confined to the East Sacred Valley, a new region unlocked.
    • New Dungeon: Blighted Cave
    • New Characters
    • New Mechanic: Interactions
      • Certain story events will unlock Interactions between you, different party members, or even particular NPCs.
      • Engaging with Interactions improves the character's opinion and has the potential to reveal new story arcs and even change the course of the main story.
      • 2 Interaction Arcs presently available for the Demo.
    • A quick summary is offered to give you a brief run down of the story no longer accessible in this update.

  • Music
    • The OST composed by Meteo Xavier is now implemented!
    • SFX by Meteo Xavier and other SFX artists!
  • Art and Assets
    • Explore areas completely renovated in custom tilesets
    • All NPCs have custom sprites, friendly or otherwise!
    • New story scenes
    • Updated and Custom UI elements
    • Custom Icons
    • Animated Titlescreen
  • New:
    • Lighting and Shadows plugin by Shora
      • Dynamic lighting effects
      • The Player, NPCs, and Enemies give off light
    • Bloom, Godrays, Fogs
    • Updated Journal System
      • Tips and Information
      • Track Interaction Progress
      • Track your Slay Quests and Sidequests
      • Lore
      • Main Story
  • Runtime - 2/3 Hours+


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Oct 27, 2022

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