Patch 1.0.1 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Today I am releasing an update fixing a few key issues and overall balancing, it took longer than I wanted but I'm glad it was done sooner than later.

Bug Fixes

  • Softlock/Sequence Break in Saliden Village - During the start of the finale of the Saliden story arc, an event page was mislabeled with the wrong self switch causing an important scene to not display. While in theory you could go outside and to the boss area, the context of the boss would have been lost in the process.
  • Early Mieva Appearance Bug - In the Mage Tower, the possibility of Mieva being put in your party by using the Paladin tutorial was noted.
  • Party Members Vanishing - The Fighter Tutorial would permanently remove Yinae from the party.
  • Pito Tunneler Tunneling Prompt stops if the Tunneler is defeated.
  • Death Curse Timer now pauses during dialogue and events.
  • Death Curse Timer now resets to full when events have more than one fight.


  • Enemies in the starting areas were reduced in severity, the overall difficulty to start with has dropped.
  • Ice Wolves were buffed, being effectively glass cannons when really a few hits should have been required.
  • Fighter was given several buffs including:
    • Charge Blade now adds an Attack Buff and Defense Buff for two turns, allowing the Fighter to use their next turn/action to deal extra damage. 
    • Fighter now has a chance to strike twice, helping reduce the uselessness of the Charge Blade skill.
    • Special Abilities in general received buffs/nerfs including Beastblade, Spiritblade, and Charged Strike I. Spellcut damage was nerfed with concern to overly excessive damage nullifying difficulty.
    • Target Rate was increased while Charge Blade is in use to promote heightened aggression while it is being used
  • Pito Tunnelers were given a weaker variant of Ravage to reduce overall damage during their special action.
  • Enemy drops were added and adjusted to promote additional means of revenue aside from slaying monsters.
  • Sidequests now reward Job Points.
  • Pause Mechanic (Using 'P' Key) pauses events so they cannot attack, the death curse is halted, allowing the player to quickly go AFK if necessary. This was implemented as an anti stress mechanic.
  • Additional Sanctuary areas have been added, finding one enables the Select Teleport Location feature of the Markstone which can be accessed by teleporting to the Tower. Enables ease of travel and less stress. Alchemist's House pauses the Death Curse while inside for the sake of convenience and anti stress, as well as the Mage Tower. Please report any case of Death Curse related bugs to us immediately so we can fix them as soon as possible!
  • Added the Controls List to the intro, letting you see what controls are available to you.
  • Quest Journal and Display now has a more relevant use, being used to help guide the Player through the main story. The minor side quests will not be tracked. Notable story sidequests will have their own journal entries.
  • New Sidequest NPC looking for Pito Tools to aid in his research of the species

We're currently working on finding anti lag measures/performance options, and considering the next major step in the tech demo's development. We still have plenty of testing of ideas to go, so this demo's lifespan has only just started.

Up next in the to do list:

Patch 1.1.0 - The Trials of Battle 

This major update will see the combat further improved, with special Overworld Bosses, more (major) side quests, and an overhaul to the combat system in the form of new classes, the introduction of armor and weapon sets, and a severe rebalancing pass. More to come in a future devlog. But for now, please tell us what you think of these changes!


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Aug 21, 2019

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