Week 8 Devlog - Patch 1.0.1 and Future Plans

This devlog covers the updates that will be in patch 1.0.1 as well as the first major patch.

So the Tech Demo came, and with a slow start, hope turned to a livestream which answered all I ever needed to know. There’s a lot of issues to tackle but that’s the entire point of this upcoming update. I will probably need another day but 1.0.1 should be heading out soon. That’s then, here’s the now.

  • -Unconfirmed- Bugs Fixed in the Tutorial including getting Mieva early, characters not returning to the party as they should.
  • -Unconfirmed- Death Curse Fix: Death Curse now pauses when talking to NPCs and during scenes. During major scenes with bosses or encounters, handling exists to give the appropriate amount of time to handle the encounter. Confirmed pending playtest.
  • New Feature: Pause Button (P) Key, pauses all monsters and the Death Curse. Useful when a distraction arises or general afk needs. More functionality may come in later dates such as Party Interaction events. (Thoughts on this would be appreciated)
  • More Drop Items: Wolves, Ice Wolves, and Pito all drop items that are primarily for selling for extra cash.
  • New Minor Quest NPC: Pito Researcher will take Pito Tools for double store value.  Will be used as source of Pito lore later.
  • Pito Sentry Event Fixes: Their range is marked by a orbiting sphere that trails their aggro zone. No longer impossible to escape the event. Encounters are now heavily nerfed with easier enemies.
  • Class Changes: Charge Blade increases Attack and both Atk and Defense lasts for two turns, allowing both the defense and offense values to be more useful to the player. This change was implemented to address how limited its usefulness was. Additionally the Fighter now has a chance to move twice, allowing for more in-depth strategy when using the Fighter. A future Skill, Charge Blade II will buff how much TP is generated. 
  • Skill Changes: Armor Pierce had damage value tweaks, Ice Veil no longer reflects, purely Evasion based. Nerf to Pito Tunneler in the form of a weak variant of Ravage, now a prompt tells Players how to stop Tunneler attack. Poison and all tick damage debuffs minus Death Curse expires on combat exit. Only powerful poison will last until death.
  • Softlock toward end of Saliden Arc resolved.

Polymorph will now display a cat image on the actual battler of a character.

What comes next: Patch 1.1.0. The upcoming patch of 1.0.1 is meant to add emergency measures to fix the worst issues present. 1.1.0 will add far broader reforms. 

  • Player and Enemy Stats Overhaul - Frankly the amount of health and stats of both Party and Enemies is frankly obscene when you consider other RPGs, Persona came to my mind. There will be severe reforms to the stats and balancing in this update.
  • More Skills based on feedback and players input (we will make a poll at some point).
  • Sidequests Reform - Sidequests were not given the attention and detail they needed. More side quests and ways to earn skills will come.
  • Armor Tier reforms - I am essentially mimicking the XP engine, I should strive to invent my own,  and there will be many new armor sets catered to the classes and their possible play styles.
  • Overworld Bosses - Special Monster Type bosses will come, leading up to a boss emblematic of their monster type. Defeating each one will require and unlock new ways to challenge their respective monster type. (Skills, Armor, Weapons, etc).

I hope to have the bug patch out soon so we can continue focusing on broad reform of the project, in the meantime enjoy the screenshots of our progress! Have a great week everyone.

Orbs now circle the zone where Pito Scouts will attack, hopefully helping figure out their range and avoid them.

Pause Button now implemented - (P) Key pauses events and the Death Curse, letting you go afk quickly without the game causing havoc.

The new side quest to search for Pito Tools to aid in their research.

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