Tech Demo Version 1.0.0 Release

Well, I did say you'd probably hear from me soon, but I would imagine you didn't expect me this soon. The Tech Demo is live, and I'm looking to hear from you all your initial thoughts on the brand new version of SR:MT. Gone are the RTP Download shenanigans, and in are a ton of new features and improvements.

What to Expect:

  • Class Overhauls and Gameplay Enhancements - Classes have stronger and more distinct roles, and require more engagement to use.
  • Skill Point System - In order to progress, you need not only armor and new weapons, but learn new skills from select teachers. We're anxious to hear your thoughts on this and the class changes.
  • Death Curse stability - The Death Curse's problems are mostly stabilized now, the sole remaining issue we've yet to find a good fix for is a way to pause it while long conversations are ongoing besides shutting it off completely. We'll be looking to find a long term fix for this.
  • Stronger NPC Importance - We've started making NPCs more complex and making more distinct individuals in the world, some with more notable character arcs. We'll be continuing this into the full game.
  • Enemy Battler Updates - Enemies are now fully updated to a new graphical quality.
  • Secrets - A few hidden locales await discovery, while others were started but will be included in future patches.
  • 2~3 Hour Experience - The Tech Demo has been measured at around 2-3 hours completion time in our playtests, though your experience may differ from ours.
  • AU Story - For the purposes of not giving away our hand in the Tech Demo for newcomers, an AU version of the story was created, the original story will be re implemented in the full release of the chapter.
  • 3 Characters to Play As - Due to the time constraints involved, only the Male Fighter, Female Mage, and Mieva will be featured in the game at this time, the Female Striker(New Version of Thief) and Male Hunter will arrive in a future patch. The rest of the Cast will return in the full chapter.

While this is an exciting moment for me, this isn't the end of development of the demo. My goal going into this release was getting something to measure the gameplay experience first and foremost, we will see quality updates to the storyline as well as the various sidequests in future updates once I've addressed any initial issues with this release.

What will come in the future?

  • Story Quality Updates - I am more than aware there are some remaining issues with the story, and I intend to patch those in subsequent updates. Overall I feel the experience will be generally a positive one, even if it doesn't achieve the same standard I desire.
  • Story Cutscenes - I feel at times the in game graphics don't do the events unfolding justice - you'll be seeing updates to existing graphics and the implementation of multiple new scenes that will add more weight to several key events.
  • More Skill Point System work - I'm wanting to take my initial ideas and expand them, and create more challenges for the Player to overcome to get a broader range of fun skills to attain and experience.
  • New Classes - I want to implement the Thief(Now Striker) and Hunter classes in a future update, especially before work shifts toward the full release of Chapter 1 and get an early look into people's thoughts of their mechanics. They will be main character only classes, and none of the other cast members of the party besides main character variations will get to appear, though their stories will be referenced if you pay attention.
  • Side Quest Improvements - These are really lackluster at the moment and I acknowledge it.  Several were started but in order to get anything meaningful done I knew I had to cut them short. These will be drastically overhauled along with the Quest Journal system, which is hardly implemented properly at all.
  • Secrets, Rare/Unique Treasure
  • Main Character and Party Member Storylines - These will be short glimpses into the stories of the various characters, at the end of which unique skills will be unlocked for completing them.
  • Party Interaction - This is something I need to work on drastically. Not nearly enough work has gone into this.

Now enough of my rambling, before I leave you to it, here's a gameplay video showing some early gameplay in a earlier build.

A look at some of the game's class mechanics. I originally used the Moghunter Battle Hud but multiple issues forced me to go with a more stable but less dynamic system. My end goal is to implement Luna Engine and attempt to achieve a similar result that looks nicer.

-If you guys have any issues whatsoever please inform me immediately either on site or via my email I'd really appreciate any feedback that can be provided.


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Aug 13, 2019

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