Week 7 Devlog - Release in Sight

So straight to business. I expect to see a release by the end of this week or next. How soon depends on how much I get done in the next couple days. Here’s what is done so far:

  • First Playtest Done - we reached the credits/continue sequence. Lots of bug fixing done.
  • Enemy Diversity increased - more Pito encounter types now spawn
  • Bandits were buffed to create a difficulty barrier to the Sacred Valley and their lack of aggression was patched.
  • Major Boss Fight nerfed due to high mortality rate.
  • All but one enemy battler design  is presently accounted for.
  • Music is being finalized for this release. Stock music will be implemented until official music implementation is greenlit by Jeff.
  • Glitch in the Death Curse was patched.
  • Pitos in holes in the ground now alert high level Pito of your presence. Avoid holes with them peering out to avoid dangerous battles.

Here’s the week’s plan:

  • Finish bug fixing 
  • Improve Pito Tunneler Distribution 
  • Implement Class Tutorials 
  • Finish Music implementing 
  • Finish Credits Sequence 
  • Private playtest of the distributed version of the game for plugin bugs/crashes 
  • Patch remaining problems 
  • Release?

Side note before I sign off, the dev channel on twitch reached 51 followers and we are close to achieving Affiliate status on Twitch.  You can see all the progress we make on the game live by following the Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/aodlegacy.

Hopefully we will have official word on a release date soon.

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