Week 6 Devlog - Still Hard At Work

This week felt slower and less fulfilled than previous. All the same I've been hard at work trying to wrap things up on the story dev side of things, but it's had its highs and lows.

Here is what HAS been done:

  • Dialogue now has NPC Nameplates, and all old dialogue is overwritten to have this feature. Makes identifying speaker much easier.
  • Credits is WIP and the Continue Feature puts you back at the tower, activating a switch that shuts off the Final Boss encounter of the story. No post game content is actively in the works but it's on the extensive to do list for the tech demo.
  • Continued polish of the story is ongoing, particularly in concerns to the Saliden Village section. That should be resolved very soon.
  • Vestiges of the Alchemy Shop's progression system are appearing but I don't expect functionality to arise within the first release of the Tech Demo at this time.

Here's what's on the to do list as far as getting a release out:

  • Unnecessary polish items are being scrapped for the first patch/update to the tech demo as opposed to arriving on launch. This includes:
    • Story Cutscene Images
    • Legendary/Rare Bosses
    • Additional Sidequests (The two implemented will suffice for now)
    • Post Game Content
  • Enemy Diversity and Balancing - As this is the technical demo, I'd like combat to be the main focus of improvements, the story of the tech demo isn't attached to the canon story, so it can be messed with later. Getting this done is immediate priority.
  • Story Wrap Up - I'd like to spend more time on this but I need to get something out there now that the game is completed and generally functional. A separate story update will be released later and once it won't hold back development of the mechanics, which is what I'm trying to get right first.
  • Finalize Music choices and attribute all relevant 3rd parties property in Credits sequence
  • Playtest and then Final Corrections
  • Release

Thanks so much for showing support for the project, rest assured I am making the best effort now to get something in your hands, just a bit more patience please! I've got a few things I can share with you this week below, but until next update, I'll see you later(Unless I have the tech demo ready this week, then you'll hear from me soon).

Pitos have high quality graphics implemented!
A look at what the Story Update's cutscenes will bring to the table
A special graphic whose purpose is being kept secret for now.

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