Week 5 Devlog - Finale Rough Draft Finished

This week we finished development of the finale for the tech demo and we’re working on polishing it to a level of satisfaction. Since that time we have been shifting gears towards general polish, the main focus of this week’s devlog. As of now there’s no solid estimate for the release date of the tech demo, but hopefully I will have a better idea on where we stand on that soon.

  • Tech Demo Story Rough Draft is complete.
  • Began implementing the Yanfly Quest Journal System.
  • NPCs are being given distinct name boxes thanks to the Yanfly Message Core plug-in.
  • Added secret areas and currently finishing the tech demo map.
  • Phase two of story development is starting - custom cutscenes unique to this story are being made.
  • Additional polish on the story for the tech demo is ongoing.
  • Character art concepts are in production 

Here’s the general plan for this next week:

  • Implement story cutscenes 
  • Finish overhaul dialogue to have npc nameboxes
  • Implement more concrete sidequests
  • Begin finishing enemy diversity and difficulty balancing
  • Story Ready to Go as soon as possible 
  • Implement credits and continue game options 
  • Plan Legendary and Rare Bosses

Before I go, you may not know this, but I like to stream development on twitch, if you would like to catch me live, consider following the dev channel at AoDLegacy. Now, here’s some screenshots and concept art!

See you all with more news next week (hopefully)!

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