Week 4 Devlog - Tech Demo Finale and Balancing

With no pandemonium interfering with my life at the moment, this Devlog is on time. I have a number of topics to cover so let’s get to it.

  • Finale of the Tech Demo in progress- developing the final bosses and ending.
  • Story Bosses almost complete 
  • More class Skills added- more abilities for Fighter, Paladin, and Ritualist.
  • Project engine updated to latest RM MV in preparation of implementing the Luna Engine UI plugin.
  • Experimenting with Luna Engine in a separate project to learn how to make full use of it in main project.
  • Moghunter Battle Hud removed from the project- caused annoying bugs.
  • Implemented the Action Cutin plugin for the more powerful abilities.
  • Had a few heart attacks over some momentary bugs caused by upgrading to new rm MV version, everything resolved.
Before I wrap up, here’s a example of the new Cutin System. Hope to see you all with big updates next week!

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