Week 2 Devlog - Playable State

As the title suggests, we have come a long way and the game is now playable. That said, we have lots of work before the tech demo is ready.

To start this devlog off, let’s look at what was on the to do list last time.

The To Do List:

  • Stable Gameplay Loop: Progress isn't what I'd like. My issue with it feels like getting experience and leveling is the core issue. More by level skill acquisition might be necessary to give more options sooner.
  • Fully fleshed out (for Demo Purposes) Skill Point System
  • Sidequest implementation
  • Superficial storyline to give additional direction
  • Post Game Content
  • Secrets implementation
  • Treasure implementation
  • Enemy diversity
  • Tech Demo Passes Quality Check
Here’s where we’re at:
  • Stable Gameplay Loop - Multiple systems are now in that stabilize the gameplay experience, and there is a balance between exp, job points, and progress through the game itself.
  • Skill Point System was improved but needs support up to level 20. Currently operating as desired to level 10.
  • Sidequests are in but more need to be added. 
  • Storyline is being implemented, presently working on Saliden Village storyline.
  • Treasure remains a issue.
  • Secrets will be added later.
  • Enemies are doing better but needs improvement.
  • Markstone System - Allows teleportation to a safe place and then returning to the area you left.
  • Aside from a minor glitch, Death Curse system works as intended. On the to do list of fixes.
  • Boss Battle in Saliden implemented. 
  • All characters to appear in the demo have Moghunter style battlers.
To show you how far we have come in the gameplay, here is a indev video of the Saliden boss fight.

When I next check in with you all, I hope to have more of the tech demo story ready, and to be near completion of the tech demo. 

You all have a great day now!

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