Week 1 Devlog - The Basics

A week has gone by now and I decided that I should indeed be doing these weekly blogs so people who don't check my community section can still get regular updates.

Alright, let's talk about what's been done.

  • Building the core gameplay loop - EXP, Job Points, and Gold remain critical issues thus far in terms of balancing, as is enemy balance. Multiple skills for Fighter and Ritualist are implemented but more work remains.
  • Jeff continues working on the music for the game, no est for completion at this time. He sent us most recently a preview for the Underworld track.
  • Areas need some improvement but are overall done.
  • Mieva, as a proof of concept, was given the first artwork for the Moghunter Battler System. More of the cast (Male Fighter and Female Ritualist) will get theirs for the demo.
  • Secret Boss added in a certain location.
  • Misc Character Art Sketches
  • Work on the intro has started

What remains to be done:

  • Stable Gameplay Loop: Progress isn't what I'd like. My issue with it feels like getting experience and leveling is the core issue. More by level skill acquisition might be necessary to give more options sooner.
  • Fully fleshed out (for Demo Purposes) Skill Point System
  • Sidequest implementation
  • Superficial storyline to give additional direction
  • Post Game Content
  • Secrets implementation
  • Treasure implementation
  • Enemy diversity
  • Tech Demo Passes Quality Check

Before I wrap up with the devlog today with the screenshots section, thank you everyone who has been recently showing support to SR:MT, I ask for your patience as I continue to work on the tech demo of the MV edition of Chapter 1. I'm hoping in a few weeks, it'll be hammered out and I can finally release it. I hope the end result will be well worth your wait.

Screenshots and Videos

Mieva Moghunter Battler is in!

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