Engine Switch to MV and What to Expect

Hey all. Here's the update I have been wanting to mention but haven't found the right time to do so. So, I'll just confirm right out - the game is being remade and structured in a brand new way. We're moving to RPG Maker MV and we will be going episodic. Chapter 1 MV Edition is under development and will have a grand host of brand new features. Here's an extensive list of changes that are positive for the project:

The Ancient Hills, remade

  • NO MORE RTP RELIANCE - We'll finally be free of the archaic RTP mandatory download system, which was nonsense from the start, and the bane of this project's existence. Everything is downloaded in one concise package, right away, no additional downloads necessary. 
  • Better Maps - With the way maps are done in MV, different area types can hybridize and transition much more readily.  You can also have a town in the middle of the wild. Expect far more diverse areas than ever before.
  • Combat Overhaul - Like mentioned before, the combat in SR:MT was lacking, and with MV's more robust engine, we finally break free of another shackle and can be far more creative with ability effects. Skill Point Systems, better abilities, and overall better gameplay.
  • Jumping/Sprinting Overhaul - There were countless issues with the jumping mechanic in the original SR:MT. Thankfully, that all changes. Sprinting is a default feature, while Jumping is far more polished and executed far better.
  • New Modes of Travel - Boats and Airships are in. While I don't expect to make use of Airships themselves, the possibility of traveling across the continent via this method isn't out of the question. I definitely have ideas for this in Chapter 1 and 2. Look forward to Chapter 2 though, as that's when things get far more... expansive.

I don't have any videos of these features and such yet, but once the combat system is far enough along, expect to hear from me again. I'm working on a tech demo, so hopefully you will get to see something downloadable in the future. With that said though, I'm stressing this one point:

Once I get the MV project uploaded, the XP edition is going away. I'll be referencing it on my PC to make the game as close to the original in terms of maps and storylines, but it will no longer be available on any sites. Trust me, this is a massive upgrade to the project and I hope you will enjoy it when it finally comes out.

I'll see you all soon (hopefully)!

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