DracoWyrm Media Project Outlook

Progress continues, but not in a way that will be seen by many of you, but is incredibly important regardless. Chapter 4's story is almost done, and we're gearing up to tackle the Finale of the game. With that said, I want to share the current outline for the project and our plans as a team. Subject to change but this is our general plan of attack at the present, so you can get an idea of what to expect.


  • Chapter 4 Cutscenes and Artwork, Base Pass
  • Chapter 4 Storyline Base Pass
  • Begin Finale Story Scenes and Art, Base Pass
  • Begin Finale Story, Base Pass


  • Complete Finale Cutscenes and Artwork
  • Complete Finale Story and Endings


  • Work on Unspecified Project Begins


  • Final Polish Run Demo Build begins development
  • No EST on FPR Demo Completion or Release
  • Unspecified Project Mechanics and Gameplay Tests and Polish
  • Project Wingless Launch?
  • Second story/art pass for Chapter 4

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