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We're currently working on a set of new gameplay mechanics, which I want to go over with you all, as they're going to mix things up significantly. It should be stressed these are not in the public game and will be added over time, either with the present planned update or in a future one. Some of these things are ideas and may not make it in. We're sharing this to get your thoughts on ways to improve these systems. Attached is a video showing the Exhaustion System, the others will be shown at later dates.

Fatigue and Exhaustion System

  • Player will gain Fatigue over time during their travels during the night (pauses indoors)
  • When Fatigued, your Energy will decrease over time, and you have reduced max SP.
  • When Exhausted, your Energy will sharply decrease over time, along with reduced max SP.
  • Once the Party gains enough Exhaustion, they will enter Deep Sleep. This can be removed with spells, but is a final warning before the Party passes out and will be relocated back to Hanaru Inn.
  • Exhaustion is reversed by visiting Inns.

Inn Mechanics

  • Inns are at the heart of the Exhaustion and Fatigue system, and will offer more services to aid you in this.
  • Short Rests are a paid service that advances the ingame time several hours and relieves Exhaustion (but will not reset it).
  • Full Rests are a paid service that heals the party, starts a new day, and resets Exhaustion.
  • Festive Nights are a paid, randomized service provided by Inns, each one having unique events taking place that cycle based on specific factors in that area. They will have effects ranging far beyond just exhaustion systems, but will be a way to learn more about areas, gain new skills or increase stats, and provide amusement for the Player and Party. They have all the features of Full Rests, but are the most expensive, and extend the amount of time you can be out at night. More elaboration will be saved for future posts.

Combat Update

  • The largest of the system updates to come. Complete revamp of Player Progression.
  • All Classes will receive Bare Minimum skills that are gained via leveling.
  • Advanced Skills can be unlocked via the Skill Points System, which can be earned in Sidequests, Super Monsters, or by completing Main Scenario quests.
  • Super Monsters are a class of monster that appears in every major region as a Boss that spawns based on certain timeframes and unlock conditions. Facing these monsters will either unlock a skill directly or give you points toward customizing your party's skills.
  • Skill Points System will allow you to choose skills you think are valuable, allowing you to customize the strengths (and weaknesses) of your party, letting you build traits desirable to your style of play.
  • Greater relevance for sidequests by using them as distributors of Skill Points.
  • Player will be more motivated to explore and find secrets to improve their characters.

Example of Exhaustion Mechanic

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts!

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