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Hello all, AoDLegacy and an update on what's been happening.

Why I've been gone

So, long story short, in order to produce content for this game, I pay my various team members via commissions. I work a dayjob that covers these expenses, and normally it does so decently. The past few months, my total hours per pay period dropped dramatically, to the point I wasn't making enough money to have any money left over for the 2 week period between pay days. I've rectified this problem after talking with my manager, but it was unwelcome to say the least and was a rough patch in my life. I was in little long term financial danger as I save most of my earnings, but I absolutely couldn't afford to pay anyone.

Anyway, that was then, and this is now. I'm back, with plenty of hours that'll hopefully go past the holiday period, but we'll bridge that issue when we come to it. Game progress has exploded the past week or so, and I'm really happy to have such understanding people to work with. I'm sorry I didn't communicate this to you all, but I was under fair amounts of stress, so I hope you understand.

Game Progress

I'm really happy to say that since money has gone up, I've been extra motivated. Chapter 3 is progressing rapidly and I'm currently wrapping up a basic pass on the story, which should be done in the next week or so if I maintain a good pace. No public build progress has been made (though we're working on stuff for you that I hope to get out... ...roughly soon.)

I won't show you everything we've got, as Chapter 3 is officially locked til Full Release, but enjoy teasers for Chapter 3 and some upcoming story addons for Public Demo builds!


Chapter3 Teaser
Chapter3 Teaser
Chapter3 Teaser
Character Concept Art
Sorry about the long wait, for updates, hope you like some of the teasers! If you're having any issues with the game, don't hesitate to let me know!

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