Bug Issue and Patch

During a livestream it was brought to my attention that the game was missing a major file, RGSS104E.dll. This file has been missing for a significant amount of time, making RTP downloads redundant. I've started shipping the RGSS104E.dll with the game files, and I'm hoping that this will fix the issue. I strongly urge everyone to download this latest update to the game, as it includes this file along with some quality of life improvements:

  • Area Transition Bug Removed in Ancient Hills
  • Proper Tutorial for Death Curse Timer and Markstone usage.
  • Prevented Softlock by giving Player Boots of Excellcius in the Balls of Death chase sequence if they didn't pick them up in the Equipment Chamber.
  • Fixed game breaking bug that occurs if you try to skip the game.
  • Made it more clear that the Elf Race does not work and that it is redirecting you to play a Human by default.
  • More direction and hints where to go on your journey from Iskar's Home.
  • Experimental: Adding Timer Refreshers when you talk to NPCs in unsafe areas (where Death Curse is active). This is to reduce the stress of reading dialogue while talking to NPCs and to not punish them for it.
  • Fixed some Sequence Breaks

A moment before I leave you, I'm really sorry for the state of my game thus far, I had no idea there was issues like this. I really needed this fresh perspective on my game. Your all's thoughts and feedback are incredibly important to me, so don't be afraid to speak up and let me know if something is wrong. I strongly urge you to download this latest update as it should fix some core issues. That being said, if the game remains broken because of the RGSS104E error, alert me immediately and I will do my best to solve the issue. This was a critical failing on my part and I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Chapter 2 Version 0.6.1 Revelation 447 MB
Jul 24, 2018

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