Plans For The Future

Things have been a bit slow, for a variety of reasons, but I'm here to assure you that things are fine behind the scenes. Eric Matyas, our musician, is starting work on Hanaru Village's official theme, which we're very excited for, and Belladona's new battler has come in, and looks fantastic. The Female and Male Thralls will be worked on this week I am told as well.

The past day or so I have been at a convention (not presenting anything) and generally unwinding after a stressful week. My batteries are recharged and I'm looking at a number of tasks right now. Here's generally what to expect from us, after a brainstorming session or two:

  • Minimal Side Content - When planning Chapter 2, I was too obsessed with lots of side content. Trying to focus on that has hurt productivity. We'll be minimizing the amount of side content we'll make for Post Chapter 2 and instead work on the next item... but don't worry, you'll still get a lot of new content over the next few months!
  • Prioritizing Completing the Concept - When I say this, I mean, I want to spend a good majority of time building the story and core game that eventually I'd like to release. Start to Finish, the long term plan is to blitz production of the complete campaign and focusing on making a bare bones version of the final product. Side content needs to come later. And it will. Just, much later. This brings me to another point...
  • Limited Access to Future Builds - We'll continue supporting and updating Chapter 2 and Post Chapter 2 content, and there is a *lot* we can do and add on to keep you guys going. However, once we start Chapter 3, we won't be sharing any public builds beyond that point. We will need Playtesters (contact me at if this appeals to you), but not in the immediate future will you have to worry about this. It's an unfortunate step in the production of the game, we're almost done with the Demo's development, and now the main meat is being prepared. As said before, we'll continue to provide content updates and quality of life changes during the course of the main build session.
  • Polish Over Time - This is related to the content updates and quality of life I was mentioning. While we're working on the game, we'll slowly phase out outdated stuff - temp music, really dated graphics, and optimization, balancing, and implementing user feedback. Monsters will eventually have a consistent art style across the board, and we'll start introducing some of the very best, interesting ideas we've not shared yet.

Keep in mind all of this is from the perspective of a large time frame, so we'll be working on Chapter 3 and beyond for a fair amount of time. I do have a number of tid bits I want to cover beyond this, but I will be saving that for another update post, when I'm ready for it. Anyway, I will be trying to get more boss fight videos, cool event coverage of highlights in the game, and other such goodies recorded and uploaded as the week goes by.

A quick shout out and thanks to everyone who has been checking out the game, downloading, and following us. You're all amazing and it's a great morale boost to see the increased interest in this project! If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please let me know! Your input is incredibly important to the team, and especially to me!

I've rambled on long enough, so I'll see you all later! 


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