Bug Fix Patch Inbound

We've spotted and swatted some bugs, we're exporting a patch now!

Bugs Swatted:

  • Gardis Getting Stuck and running like the roadrunner.
  • Rain inside Hanaru Fortress after a certain story segment.
  • Game Crash in Forest Ruins: Area Transition lead to non existent area.
  • Invisible Belladona
  • Added Death Curse Timer Bonus to the Spirit King Boss
  • Some level design issues in Underworld starting area
  • Player Graphical Glitch in Erideus' house

Have an issue we didn't fix? Contact us and let us know! 

Need to carry over your save file to the bug fix?

Copy your save files in a separate folder, then delete the old files, then place the save file/s in the new version's folder and it will carry over!

Contact Information: 

Email: blake@dracowyrm.com

Twitter: _DracoWyrm


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