First Devlog and What We're Working On Now

Hello, my name is AoDLegacy, head developer of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. I work on various aspects such as boss themes, rough monster concepts, the story, level design, balancing, etc. Some of my partners on the project include BrookeKohaku21, who works on artwork for characters and the general story cutscenes, Zephyr, the monster, ui, battle backgrounds, and specialty cutscene designer, and Eric Matyas, the current main composer for the game.

As of the first version of the game on, we're on 0.5.6, and we're working on content all the time. Most recently we have completed some additional cutscenes for the ending of Chapter 2 (which is locked off until Version 6), and the endings themselves are well under way. We're still heavily polishing Chapter 1, and I wanted to go ahead and give you an idea of our development schedule for the next month or so.

  • Version 0.5.7: Updates Monster Graphics to a high quality standard, to be done by Zephyr, creates unique UI for the Death Curse System, Implement some basic starting Character Portraits for in showing the specific character in dialogue, and polishing old cutscenes for the new standard established in 0.6's graphical style. Adds a new town and Sidequest. Storyline tweaks to be expected.

  • Version 0.6.0 [Revelation Basic Storyline Release]:  Launch Date: Est. June at the latest. Polish for Chapter 1, with more expected in later builds. Full Main Plot release for public viewing, no post content. All storyline routes implemented. Rough Draft Version of the 0.6 release. Soundtrack still in development.

  • 0.6.1 +: In these updates, expect bug fixes, small content updates, and continued implementation of soundtrack and other forms of polish. A major Content Update will be launched at some point after 0.6.0 that adds the Post Content for Chapter 2.

  • 0.6.(?) [Final Polish Update]: Date of launch TBA. Full roster of character portraits, all monsters have consistent art style, final leveling, gold, and item balance, all bosses given final difficulty tweaks, class progression finalization. Soundtrack complete for Chapter 1+2. Start of definitive art direction for sprites and tilesets. Special announcements are planned for Post 0.6.
  • 0.7+: Unknown, Private Playtesting Only, end of Public Demo. Storyline and other elements reserved for Playtesters.

To wrap our devlog up, we leave you with a video showing four bosses and their concept art, along with their theme, Farland Stranger. We'll have more specific updates for when we have more content to show you all, as Chapter 2 looms closer and closer.

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