Week 62 Devlog: That Happened

You might have guessed from the lack of updates last week that things are not going exactly in my direction. You would be correct. I've been 'stuck' and lacking in motivation. I didn't get much done last week and the same holds true this week. I'm almost done with the artwork I started last week but it's still not there yet. 

Zephy has finished two monster designs and is about to start a major project in terms of boss designs but I won't say more atm.

I really wish I had more news for you all, but I don't, and the last week became a bit of a break period to relieve burnout and I think that's past so let's hope for more results next time.

But instead of ending on a negative note, I'd actually like to leave you all with a question.

Since I'll be overhauling combat severely to address balancing issues, please tell me what you'd like to see make it into the game based on your current experiences with the combat, overworld mechanics, and the like! I'd love to hear your thoughts! I believe I'll start ending each week off with one of the questions, I'd love it to be a source of engagement for you beyond the few pretty pictures/screenshots I can make.

You all have a great week! We're gonna get back on track!

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