Week 59 Devlog: Keep It Simple Stupid

In regards to this week's devlog title, nada was really accomplished. Unfortunately. I've gotten some sketches done today but this week was not in my favor. I had to work 5 hours overtime only for work to screw me out of those, when I could have spent those 5 hours working on these story scene sketches and the game itself. The last of the monster art commissions were finished by Zeph and probably the final round of those will start soonish once I compose my thoughts on what I need. 

I'm hoping overall progress will improve once the story scenes are out of the way and I get the proper motivation as a result to finish this fight. I'm working hard and doing my best, I'm sorry that this week flopped. Rest assured though, since work has shown me what their priorities are, I will be responding in kind...  ;)

Overtime is not gonna be a problem anymore.

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