Week 57 Devlog: Good Steps Forward

As you might expect, progress is slow but not at a halt. It's been rough lately trying to keep up the pace while fighting in real life interference. I've been maximizing the time I can, when the motivation and correct inspiration drives me. The good news is despite these setbacks I am still progressing where I need to.

I'm almost done with a core set of scenes, I have one more batch I need to finish up which I can probably do this morning once I get to work. Once these are done, I have the remaining Levisa stuff to address and plan, and then the revisions to the end boss stuff. The end boss stuff will take a fair while to set up both mechanics wise and story, so I may focus on the story beats and begin the great Stat Crunch and Rebalance.

There's lots of story art I want to make for this update but it will mostly require my patience to hold out until I get more vitally important stuff done, it'll be the subject of my focus after the balance work is done, that and character sprite implementation is gonna be big on my list.

Zeph has once again gotten another monster design done, the next one will complete the set of minibosses I've been having her focus on. I have some more fun things for her to tackle, but that's for then not now. The composer sent me a update and I'm reviewing the song he sent me. 

It's already time for me to sign off unfortunately, and not as much stuff is coming out as I'd want, but I can only do so much as a single dev. I'll see you guys all next week!

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