Week 55 Devlog: Story Rewrites

This week I got a lot of story beats done that needed to be worked on, mostly in the dungeon. I've got things to work on here and there but the overall story now works as intended and you can get from point a to point b. Testing continues but there's only so much I can do until I start the stat crunch. I'll be holding onto current save files for the sake of finishing more cutscene oriented testing, but once story changes are done I'm going to start a much broader rework of the balancing of the game.

I've noticed that some skills cause tremendous amounts of damage and that's worrisome from a balancing perspective because it's not always something I can control, the balance of power between monster and player is too fragile and that will be the focus of my rework. That, and I have some more ideas for the Death Curse and to help tie it into combat more. Doing well in combat should reward you with more ways to deal with the curse, so I reckon.

I've started working on the rewrite of Saliden Village's story and once that's done I'll have some new story scenes to write for inbetween Saliden and Caldera's Keep. The final battle will also get a rework to reflect your actions up to that point. Zeph has also been busy working on monstie artwork, that continues apace. No word recently from composer on progress, so I'll probably be checking in sometime soon with him.

I've got lots left to cover for this update but I'm making great ground so far. I hope to have more good news next week, stay safe and I'll see you all again!

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