Week 51 Devlog: Testing and Boss Design

This week was not as productive as I would prefer. Testing continues and we are currently working on the second boss in the story, ironing out bugs in their event. We’re facing some issues from the design part of the boss, as a mechanic we’re trying to design is just not working as intended. A new round of battler designs has started on Zeph’s end and I am personally excited to see how they turn out.

Once this boss gets figured out, the third and fourth boss fights will begin development and testing. Once we get to those two, things should really start taking off. There won’t be much more between us and the end of the dungeon once we get the next couple bosses done.

Once main dungeon stuff has finished, we’ll be doing story tweaks and changes, as well as a stats rework for party members and enemies alike.  We’re really trying to get an ideal power balance in place in this update. 

This part of dev is a coin toss as to if it will be productive on a day to day basis. Hopefully I will get heads soon.

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