Week 50 Devlog: Enemy Encounters Nearly Done

This week I continued to playtest and design the dungeon, I even added some more loot. One boss encounter has been designed and tested, and I am close to designing a second.  After the third, I expect to be spending more time on creating some really powerful monsters for the latter parts of the dungeon. The ultimate goal will be to require a bit of an equipment and skill upgrade to survive in the second half of the dungeon.

The likely max level for this dungeon will be lvl 20, while the later story beats go to lvl 30. It will be pretty much required that you find some of the higher grade armor sets and accessories found in dungeons hidden through the map  in order to get strong enough to take this dungeon on in full. The previously incomplete Dimember armor and weapon set will be completed in this update and found in and around the new dungeon. I hope we will be close to done with testing in a few weeks.

Even with the progress done so far, there’s still lots to do before this update is ready to go. Still, the journey has been incredibly fun. I will see you all next week with more updates!

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