Week 37 Devlog: New Interactables

This week I finished working on Bismuth and Caldera’s walk animations, so I will share those first.

I will be doing more stuff with them in the future but for now I am turning my attention to the dungeon story and levels themselves. Let’s start with chests.

This dungeon has creepy chests like this, that flash a shiny treasure animation when you loot them, and then go empty. However, my game is a firm believer in usurping the illusion of control Players have, so watch out for one of this dungeon’s traps, the Mimic.

Mimics will quickly glance at you before preparing their ambush, so if you miss their visual cue as you walk into view, you won’t be able to tell what’s a mimic and what’s a real chest. When provoked, the Mimic violently shakes and chases the Player until death or they flee the room. They will be reset upon doing so. This is a non encounterable foe.

Finally, the switches of the dungeon, the Nervous Crystal.

Destroying Nervous Crystals is key to progressing in the Blighted Cave, so pay attention to them.

I will be continuing development of the dungeon, I’m hoping to get some sprites for monsters soon, as well as some major story progress relatively soon. I will let you know how it goes next week! Thanks for reading, and consider following to see how the game continues progress.

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