Week 34 Devlog: Dungeon Map Reno

This week I have been finishing the most important tiles of the dungeon map and I have been shifting development towards remaking the dungeon maps by changing the maps from the defaults included with RPG Maker to the custom one we’ve been building. I’ve still been adding tiles as weak points in the tileset are found, as a result I ended up making some pretty sick Stalagmite tiles. Unfortunately like a doof I forgot to screenshot the latest work,  but I do have some general information on what we’re gonna start focusing on.

With Zephyr finishing up her current commission set, I have some pretty major story scenes that I am going to leave in her very talented hands regarding the story of this dungeon. Hoping by the time I report in next week I will have something in that regard to tease you with.

By the time she is done I am hoping that I will have finished redesigning the dungeon and started working towards revamping the story to implement it in full.

Everyone on the team has been working hard and the best they can in spite of the challenges of late and I am proud to be able to work with such awesome people.  I don’t have quite as much done as I should have gotten done which is why I don’t have a screenshot ready for you all, but I will do my best to have stuff ready next week. Stay awesome everyone!

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