Week 25 Special: Dev Vlog on Class Design and Boss Designs

This week we released version 1.0.3 (please try it yourself, I'd really love some feedback) and took a bit of a break from in game work. Because there wasn't much physical in game work done, I thought I would try a different approach, and instead recorded a vlog talking about two of the classes and how they were designed to play since I have yet to make my own tutorial on how they work.  I also showcase some boss designs on video, which will also be included at the end of this post if you so choose. 

Anyway, I expect to be thinking about ways to improve my update schedule and maybe start doing more frequent, smaller updates. Would you guys prefer more frequent, smaller updates or the big, broader content updates?

This Week's Boss and Monster Designs


SR:MT Tech Demo 1.0.3 529 MB
Feb 04, 2020

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