Tech Demo Version 1.0.3 Release

Here is Version 1.0.3, 'Adversity'! We hope you like the new updates, more will be coming soon (we hope)!

What's New

  • New Dungeons: Gagegil's Lair and South Pass Fortress
  • New Bosses: Gagegil, Cainez
  • New Subarea of the Ancient Hills: South Pass
  • Alchemist Shop and Storyline Updates
  • 12 New Sidequests + Sidequest System Rough Implementation
  • Major Bug Fix [Story Progression Variable Misplaced]
  • Meaningful Choices are creeping into the narrative...
  • New Story Cutscenes!
  • Introduction of Deadly Poison Status Ailment
  • More monsties
  • New village
  • Secrets (you like secrets, right?)

Gagegil, a sinister new threat!
What's Next [1.0.3  2/2]

  • Even more sidequests!
  • Powerful overworld rare monsters
  • Main Character Storylines
  • Interaction Mechanic
  • Class Promotions
  • Meaningful Choices start notably affecting the story...
  • Corruption and Purification Mechanics?
  • More Story Cutscenes! (Everyone like pretty pictures right?)
  • More Updates to Alchemist Store (Story updates maybe)
  • New Battlers


SR:MT Tech Demo 1.0.3 529 MB
Feb 04, 2020

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