Bug Patch Inbound - Details

So once again my game is busted because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

The storyline tracker variable has an instance where it goes from 6 to 3 meaning a certain scene on certain playthroughs will prevent progression of the story. I could be wrong as the game could in theory not have hiccups but it will certainly confuse the Quest Journal if I am not mistaken. I don’t want to take chances on this though so it is getting patched asap. I am basically releasing 1.0.3 early as there’s no sense putting it off for arbitrary reasons if the content isn’t in a incomplete state.

It’s not balanced in certain areas (I will try to do my best to mitigate this) so expect some new content that isn’t 100% tested or tuned. I will follow up with a refined balance update, with the second half of 1.0.3 releasing in a few weeks (hopefully).

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