Week 24: Sidequests Done, Onto Next Steps!

So this week, important stuff was achieved. We've completed the Sidequest system stuff (for the most part...) and we're now starting work on some important stuff we wanted to get done before we even thought about releasing an update. First, what we're done with:

  • 12 Major Missions (More to be added)
  • 1 New Dungeon (Sidequest System Finale)
  • Deadly Poison State Added
  • Several new maps to explore
  • Extra XP, Gold, and Job Points earned for each mission

Now here's what we plan on doing.

  • Party and Notable Character Interactions - Something akin to skits that are unlocked under specific circumstances. Will either be done through the new Interaction Menu, which is now indev, or the Menu will be used to indicate who can or cannot be interacted with at that time.
  • Nero and Yinae Interactions and Storyline
  • Garen and Riae Interactions and Storyline
  • Mieva Interactions and Storyline
  • Class Promotions [Six Planned: Primal Blade, Awakener, Beasttamer, Outlaw, Black Knight, Vassal]

After this, we'll be working on improvements to the existing Sacred Valley story, once that is done we will be doing polish for this update and hopefully we'll see an update release in February!

Here's a quick video showing some traps coming up in the new dungeon!

Unfortunately I don't have anything as cool as story art (stay tuned, hopefully that will change in the semi near future). Stay awesome everyone and have a great weekend!

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