Week 21 Devlog: Oh Sweet Progress!

This week tangible progress was made and it wasn't just a few things.  Working hard, we finally quashed the long Alchemist sidestory into a roughly completed state, more work to be done later of course. More than that though, we've begun work on implementing the Guild Quests, which are pretty much a series of sidequests that unlock individually from the Main Quest, requiring that you spend time on them and not always in the main story.

We currently have 12 sidequests that will be implemented, but we want lots lots more. We'll be working on implementing something here on Itchio as far as community events go in the SR:MT Community Fourm where if you have a cool little mission concept, you can run it by us and possibly see it implemented. We'll definitely try and make more quests, especially for when the sidequest system is meant to branch out and activate further questing in hidden towns later on, but we'd love player/community input on cool ideas they'd like to see.

We've implemented a Rations Delivery Quest which has three NPCs you need to make trips to find and deliver the goods to, we're working on integrating the Pito Tunneler quest into this system, and a work in progress quest about protecting children from some supernatural visitors from the wood, and we've still got many quests to go.

We don't have too much stuff to visually show because spoilers, but we do have a video to end this progress report, one which shows a special challenge we created to mix things up rather than 'insert boss fight here'. We hope you all have a great week and hopefully we'll have just as great a progress report next week!

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