Week 15 Devlog: Time for the Hardhats

So while we had gotten some work done, it's not as impressive as we would have liked. Mostly this week has been about reacting to and planning to implement bug fixes. In general here's what we did:

  • Death Curse Major Bug Detected - This happens when 0:00 on the timer is hit and the script that normally fired to stop RPG Maker MV from closing battle at the end (it's hardwired to end battle when timers hit zero in battle and this can't normally be turned off) has stopped working. A fix is in the developer build but we have a lot of remaining under the hood work to do before we can even think about a bug patch. Here's why...
  • Event handling for the new story update to the tech demo is underway - We've been working on properly implementing the Underworld Prologue of the game into the Tech Demo, including tracking progress in the story using variables and adding proper quests into the Quest Journal so you know what to be doing next. This however has required pushing some quests further back in the list and changing what IDs certain objectives have, meaning that old save files using the original quest information will be likely in conflict with the new update.
    • This means that there's a high chance that your story progress could be completely upended and the quest journal may stop working as intended, while not game breaking in all possible cases, early enough in the story means you will very likely have lost progress or even have softlocks, we can't be sure. 
    • Ultimately this means that it is highly recommended to try and finish the game now or start over come the bug update and the soon to follow story update to the Tech Demo
  • ZecilG has completed his playthrough of the story as is, and we've gotten a ton of useful information out of his playthroughs. However his last session revealed probably our favorite bug so far in our time as game devs. It was just gratifying in general to finally see a live reaction to the finale of the Tech Demo, as the twist was a lot of fun to pull off, I'm glad he enjoyed himself.

With all of that said, once we get the Story Update for the Tech Demo done, we'll be shifting gears toward beginning the long and painful process of creating the Story Demo itself, which will be as close to a sneak peek at the final product quality we want to achieve later on in the final release as we will get. But in addition, we still have ideas we want to test, so the Tech Demo will continue to receive support and updates.

The first one being... Bosses, Dungeons, and Sidequests.

We'll be testing new mechanics, bosses, and just general fun things to chew on as time goes on, we'll have more specific ideas to share in the future, just know that...

The Leviathans are coming!

Watch Leviathan Attack Scene from Aodlegacy on www.twitch.tv

In the spirit of adding the first water element monster and boss into the game, we felt he would be lonely. So, expect some new water exclusive enemies to appear, our first prototype is the Rockfish, whose sneak attacks and camouflage makes him subtly dangerous. Is he creepy or cute, you decide!

Anyway, that's really all we have today. Hope you enjoy our teasers and hopefully we'll have the bug fixes out by the weekend's end or early into the next week, no promises with the looming threat of Black Friday though. (I work retail, be nice to us plz)

See you all soon!

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