Week 12 Devlog: Hanaru Story Wrap Up

I have almost finished the story of Hanaru, a couple more major scenes are left but we’re getting close. My next goal will be to implement the next 3/4 classes as part of the Tech Demo 1.0.2 update. On that note, here is the list of changes this update will make:

  • Classes:
    • Striker - Their armor doubles as a offensive weapon, they are masters of Stances and Martial Arts. The female Striker will be implemented as the class representative.
    • Hunter - Using bows as their weapons, they are at one with nature and will grow even more so as their formidable skill improves.
    • Shaman/Priest - Healing classes with more minor offenses, their skill is strengthening the party.
  • Bug Fixes - Various issues will be patched in this update including the night time colors, among other minor tweaks.
  • Underworld Intro and Storyline 
  • Hanaru Village added
  • [Time Allows] More Sidequests and JP & Gold drop rates adjusted 
  • New Party Members: Iskar and Prophet Me’zhad 

This is all we’ve got thus far, but we hope you will enjoy the new content. This very well may be the last Tech Demo update prior to the Story Demo starts developing. The Story and Tech Demo are separate builds so expect to start from scratch. The Story Demo will be the last demo before the main title begins development. As explained in the game’s page, two separate releases of the game will be planned: Chapter 1 and 2, then the next release will be 3 and 4 + finale.

In any case, here is some screenshots of our progress this week, and I hope you all have a great day!

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