Quick Patch #1: Bug Fix

A quick moment to thank ZecilG for streaming our game out of left field. It was a great experience and helped catch some issues, some which are being patched now in this update, and others are to come as we examine the VOD for stuff we missed.


  • Alchemist Story Bug

To Do List:

  • Audio Bug when entering Bandit Outpost
  • Out of date dialogue from a guard in the forward operating post. Move entrance of Bandit Camp to the post and change his dialogue to reflect it being accessible. 
  • Nighttime not properly turned off in Tower (believed to be related to Markstone event).
  • Night is too dark. Moonlight graphic to offset + nipping its intensity in the bud.

As said this was a quick response to his stream but a more thorough look will be taken once we format a list of everything. 

Important: When updating your files, make a spare copy of your save file and make sure it is not in the same folder/s as the game. If you don't, all progress will be lost. This game is in dev, so potential save file incompatibility is always a possibility so be careful.


SR:MT Tech Demo 1.0.1 478 MB
Oct 28, 2019

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