General Update

Hey all, just wanted to provide a general update. The game continues as it does, but progress (visible) will be slow for a good long while. We don’t foresee any return to public builds until at least March or April, maybe even May.

We’re working primarily on the last two chapters of the game, and we consider it our urgent priority to focus on actually getting this game done either this year or next. Once we get the private builds done, we will be returning attention to Chapter 1 and giving it massive overhauls in terms of its quality.

Post Finale development should hopefully see the first custom tilesets and sprite graphics, with an eventual end to the use of Run Time Packages, as well as vastly improved combat and implementation of unique systems we’ve been wanting to focus on for a while now.

We’re hoping to make the Final Polish Run Build of SR:MT Chapter 1 as close to the final product quality of the game as we can get it, so you’ll be seeing lots of updates and additional content.

The current estimate for the start of the FPR’s development cycle is somewhere around April and May of this year. During March and into April we will also be starting work on another project we’ll get into closer to those time frames, but know that we’ll be working on another game project that will be released hopefully in April.

Thanks for your time, and we hope we can get to you with some manner of good news further down the line.

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