Chapter 2 Teaser Trailer

We're close to completing Chapter of SR:MT, and to celebrate, we've released a trailer that reveals the official launch date of SR:MT's latest story update. Below you can find what's going to be new.


  • Updated Forest Ruins dungeon
  • Some new enemy battlers (to be completed post launch)
  • The complete main storyline and its variations for Chapter 2
  • Updated Party Battlers
  • North Ancient Hills accessible
  • Rebalancing (more to come post launch)
  • New Dungeon: Lost Light Chapel
  • New Hub City: Eastrun City
  • Iskar's Backstory
  • Markstone Teleportation Bug fixed.
  • Dragons!
  • Some miscellaneous secrets (many more to be added in post)
  • And plenty of secret lore locations!

Post Release Patch Contents will include:

  • Cutscenes polished
  • Monsters and Bosses will receive finalized designs from Zephyr.
  • Additional balancing for classes
  • World map polish
  • Bug fixes (if any are reported)

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