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Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

A fantasy where choices will change the course of history, and peril chokes the land. · By AoDLegacy


Recent updates

DracoWyrm Media Project Outlook
Progress continues, but not in a way that will be seen by many of you, but is incredibly important regardless. Chapter 4's story is almost done, and we're geari...
General Update
Hey all, just wanted to provide a general update. The game continues as it does, but progress (visible) will be slow for a good long while. We don’t foresee a...
We're looking into new mechanics!
We're currently working on a set of new gameplay mechanics, which I want to go over with you all, as they're going to mix things up significantly. It should be...
Minor Bug Patch
Fixed an area transition bug Properly implemented Calypso first phase fight renovations and tested. Various
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Where We've Been & Ongoing GameDev
Hello all, AoDLegacy and an update on what's been happening. Why I've been gone So, long story short, in order to produce content for this game, I pay my variou...
Bug Issue and Patch
During a livestream it was brought to my attention that the game was missing a major file, RGSS104E.dll. This file has been missing for a significant amount of...
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Notice: Bug Fix Patch
We found a bug in our latest build of SR:MT and have released a bug fix that resolves it. It occurs in the final battle of Chapter 2, so if you're close to that...
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Chapter 2 Version 0.6.1 Release
This is a short update but it has a few core features of note: Boss Balancing - Fenrir and Levos have received major buffs and require actual effort to defeat...
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Community for the game. Feel free to chat about random things, but if you want to get my specific attention, make sure to use appropriate tags.


In general, be nice. We're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, being vulgar/rude will ruin that for you and others, so be considerate. Extensive rules...

  1. As said before, be nice. Cursing, hateful language, the intolerance/bigotry toward a belief/world view, antagonistic behavior, harassment, and other inappropriate behaviors will net you a removal from the community if I have to warn you more than once.
  2. Be respectful to moderators and developers. It's understandable if a bug or part of the game is breaking your game experience, but that isn't an excuse for breaking the first rule.
  3. Understand the difference between criticism and 'yur game sucs' comments. In short, describe what bothers you politely, without being personal, and be thorough and specific. If I don't understand the problem you're having, I can't fix it and it makes both our days worse. I will delete 'your game sucks' comments without notice.
  4. Try to enjoy yourself - life isn't meant to be a mire of negative emotions.
  5. Tags - Bug Report is more for staff to let you know if there's a major bug issue. Help is for any in game advice. Question is for more general questions about the developers or the game. Feedback is criticism, ideas, input you'd like to share. Community Suggestion is for ways to improve the community forums or the community at large.
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